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‘Extension and Public Activities’ aims towards making an intentional effort to fulfil the clientele needs of the community and stakeholders by developing an Emotional Quotient to serve the society. Unlike Social works, Extension aims towards ‘helping people to help themselves’ by creating awareness, changing their behavior, attitudes or practices and providing them skills to serve the society. We envision ‘Extension and Public Activities’ to act as a mediator between the subject experts and the community to make sure that the outreach is effective especially serving Internal and External Security of the Nation. Not just restricting to social causes, Extension and Public Activities also aims towards an enhancement in the RSU’s Global reach by providing a platform to students and faculty members to have an international exposure in the field of academia and national/ international security.


We are determined to achieve clientele change as an outcome of essential knowledge gained, skills acquired, changes in attitudes or beliefs, changes in behaviour, adoption of needful practices and technological changes and orientation of the community towards the overall growth. By organizing various events of educational and moral importance we are committed to provide an excellent medium and platform for the schools of the university to impart continuous educational guidance and inculcate moral values and ethics in the students. Our focus is to address issues identified by security specific clientele with committees, task forces or groups, and coalitions being involved in the strategic implementation, analysis and interpretation of the programs in the fields of Internal and External Security.

Our mission is to develop deep disciplinary knowledge, problem solving ability, leadership, communication and interpersonal skills that can lead the constituent groups and hence society as a whole towards strong and secure nation. To focus on enhancing the overall personality of the individuals and equip them to face future challenges and come up with strategic solutions for Global peace & Security.

About Extension and Public Activities

With the profound ideas of Hon. Director General Prof (Dr.) Bimal N. Patel, ‘Extension and Public Activities’ laid its foundation at Raksha Shakti University, Lavad with the goal of engaging people in lifelong learning and addressing societal, environmental, disciplinary and real-time issues. Until now, Extension and Public Activities has organized various activities under its umbrella to support the mentioned objectives and continuously strives to foster the values and learnings amongst the people.

For this, we continuously organize various activities to inculcate the understanding and responsibility of serving the community and the nation amongst everyone. Also, we support series of disciplinary activities where the sequential function of this definition indicates that each of these educational events/activities is designed from an educational perspective to build on the previous event or the changing real-time requirements. Extension activities are thus, the sum of all the mentioned aspects and is achieved with the evaluation of the continuous efforts, which reflects Extension’s impact bringing the necessary change.

Aim & Objectives
  • Ensuring student participation in various curricular as well as extra-curricular programs and career enhancement activities through exchange programs, student enterprise, volunteering and work-based learning.
  • Outreach of the campus system wherein an Emotional Quotient is developed by working and collaborating with people, understanding the real time requirements, evaluation of the strategies and aiming towards overall development.
  • To provide support for dissemination of information, knowledge and skill to empower students, community & stakeholders to make them aware and put them on standardized parameters for Global excellence.
  • To help various organizations and institutes in capacity building & provide consultancy for strengthening the safety and security of the Nation.
  • To provide guidance to students as well as in-service officers to make them technology-aware and enhance their skill set.
    • To achieve stated Aims & objectives, the Extension & Public Activity Division shall undertake following activities:
    • Organizing seminars, conferences and expert lectures on emerging issues & strategic solutions in the field of Global Security.
    • Conducting community services and technological enhancement based programs
    • Conducting cultural exchange programs on regional, national and inter-national platforms.
    • Celebrating days of National Importance.
Archive Programmes

E & PA has organised a one Day webinar titled ‘MALWARE ANALYSIS AND REVERSE ENGINEERING’ on 20th June,2020. Around 500+ participants across the globe have attended the webinar.

  • One Day National Seminar on ‘Urban Naxalism: Future Challenges and Strategic Solutions’ was organized on 27th February, 2020.
  • The event was graced by Justice R. Tripathi retired Judge of Gujarat High Court and Captain Smita Gaikwad retired Naval Officer.
  • Captain Smita focused at the issue of urban naxalism from various and unconventional perspectives. She delivered an in depth lecture on Maoist agenda and approach.
  • Dr. Akshat Mehta (Dean, School of Internal Security and Police Administration) covered the issues of Naxalism in Gujarat and discussed the need to use the term ‘Urban Naxalisam’ more cautiously.
  • The seminar attracted the interest of Police Personnel, Academicians, Researchers and students as well.
  • A Special Lecture on ‘Jurisprudence  on Environmental Crime’  delivered by Dr. Mayuri Pandya, Director, GLS, Ahmedabad on 13th February 2020.
  • Dr. Mayuri Pandya is Director I/C (LL.M. (Gold Medalist), Ph.D.(LAW)).
  • Her expertise is in the areas of Environmental Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Constitutional Law, Human Rights, Gender Issues and International Law.
  • This lecture benefitted students and faculties of RSU.
  • Matrubhasha Diwas falls on 21st February internationally. For this said celebration RSU under the umbrella of Extension & Public Activity, organized an event as asked by UGC.
  • The event constituted essay writing and elocution competition, both in English, Hindi and Gujarati languages. The details of the event are as follows:

  • Judges: Dr. Akshat Mehta, Dr. Gaurav Singh Kushwah, Shri N. R Jadav, Mr. Subhash Rohela, Dr. Sumit Kumar Chaudhary, Dr. Chandresh Parekh, Mr. Anand Kumar Tripathi, Dr. Divyashree Harjai, and Dr. Dharmesh Kumar Prajapati.
  • Certificate Distribution Ceremony was witnessed by Shri Pavan Soni, Registrar and Judges of the event.
  • The event had huge number of participations from students and RSU staff members.
  • International Women’s Day was celebrated on 07/03/2020 by ‘Women Development Cell’, RSU.
  • The event timings were 7:30 am to 8:30 am at RSU Ground, specifically for Girls Students of RSU.
  • Lt. Radhika Kerai had taken the session on Self-Defense Training and taught girls several techniques.
  • Several girls from RSU Campus became a part of this program and learned these techniques.
  • Due to the panic created amongst people throughout the world, an expert talk was arranged on “Awareness about CoronaVirus”. The talk was delivered by Dr. B.B. Prajapati at RSU.
  • An interactive session among the employees and Dr. Prajapati resulted into greater awareness amongst the employees.
  • Developing deep disciplinary knowledge, problem solving ability, leadership, communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ensuring student participation in career enhancement activities through exchange programs, student enterprise, volunteering and work-based learning.
  • Focusing on strong mentor-mentee relationships which enhance overall personality of the stakeholders and equip them to face future challenges and to come up with strategic solutions.
  • Centre for Knowledge
  • Centre for Excellence
  • Centre for Community Services
  • Centre for Cultural Exchange Programme
Message from Dean

In today’s world of advancement and globalization, apart from imparting curricular education, having focus on the clientele needs of the community and stakeholders will serve global excellence. As the Dean of the Extension and Public Activities, I envision Extension at RSU to serve community need and especially focus upon the security requirements considering Internal as well as External security. Excellence is inherited from all the efforts which are carried out by a student in his/her academic carrier may it be in terms of disciplinary knowledge or morals inculcated. To enhance this with zest the division of extension plays an integral part in the university.

We strive to develop the interdisciplinary knowledge along with interactive skills among the students. We ensure student participation in all carrier enhancement activities. We also aim towards development of an understanding of social responsibilities within the students, which will benefit the society. The achievements of any university depends on the success achieved by its students, hence the division always motivates and inspires the students to contribute in every possible way for development. Since, ours is a Police University we continuously inspire students to attain continuous growth in the fields of Internal and External security and E&PA serves as the medium for this enhancement. It is a need to harness the knowledge of the students with the contemporary skill sets and to produce experts with a wide range of excellence. The division of excellence believes in the constant growth and equal opportunity for all. In all, we believe in achieving excellence among everyone in their disciplinary as well as social service to the Nation and the community.

Activities Calendar
Sr. No.EventIn collaboration withStakeholders/ Attendees
1Online executive course on maritime securitySchool of Maritime Air and Space StudiesStudents, Professionals and in service Officers
2One day workshop for IPS officers of Gujarat Police on Global security concerns and positioning of India FAA and School of Information Technology and Cyber SecurityIPS Officers
3One day workshop on Crime Data AnalyticsFAA and School of Information Technology and Cyber SecurityStudents, Professionals and in service Officers
4National primer/Symposium on maritime security of IndiaSchool of Maritime Air and Space StudiesStudents, Academia Professionals and in service Officers
5One day Workshop on Requirements of National Forensic StandardsFAA and School of Information Technology and Cyber SecurityStudents, Academia Professionals and in service Officers
6One day work shop on Recruitment Architecture of PoliceFAA and School of Information Technology and Cyber SecurityLaw Enforcement Agencies, Researchers, Police Aspirants
7Capacity building programme on coastal surveillance and security, October 2020School of Maritime Air and Space StudiesFisherman and Workers of various Coastal industries by nomination 
8International conference on Forensic scienceFAA and School of Information Technology and Cyber SecurityStudents, Academia Professionals and Researchers
9Cyber Training for 500 Farmers (SITCS)School of Information Technology and Cyber SecurityFor Farmers
10SymposiumSchool of Internal Security and Police AdministrationStudents and Faculties
11Role of AI and ML in Cyber SecurityFAA and School of Information Technology and Cyber SecurityResearchers, Academia Professionals and in service  IT Officers
12Forensic Cosmos National Level Forensic Science Quiz CompetitionSchool of Forensic Science & Risk ManagementForensic Students
13Investigation of Social media Crimes FAA and School of Information Technology and Cyber SecurityResearchers, Academia Professionals and in service IT Officers
14International Conference on ‘Criminal Justice System: need a systemic Changes’School of Security Law, Policy & GovernanceStudents, Faculties and Research Scholars
15Lavad Village: Project to make Lavad – A Digital VillageSchool of Information Technology and Cyber Security
16Visit to Apex Forensic Institutions & LabsSchool of Forensic Science & Risk ManagementRSU Students & Faculties
17Swacchata AbhiyaanRSU
18Celebration of Days with Historic or Cultural ImportanceRSU
19Community ServicesRSU
20Traffic Awareness ProgramSISPA Students & Faculties
21BOOT CampSISPA RSU Students
Dr. Dimple Raval

Dean, Extension and Public Activities

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