School of Physical Education and Sports (SPES)

I. Strongly determined to contribute scientifically in the making of best police personnel/internal security personnel in India.

II. To accelerate the essence of research oriented knowledge in the field of internal security.

III. To scientifically backup and leave remarkable footprint in making of best police officers/ internal security personnel in the field of internal security.

I. Provide individually designed training program for those who are preparing for different post in Gujarat Police services and for other internal security forces.

II. Implementation of principles of Exercise Physiology, Sports and Exercise Psychology and Sports Training in order to bring out the best from individual trainee.

III. Inspire and spread the idea of maintaining the holistic health among the students and the staff members of Raksha Shakti University.

I wish as the Dean of the School to extend a word of warm welcome to all who read this message and especially to all those students who loves to play sports or who wants to join security forces in future.

The school was established in 2017 in response to enhance the standard of sports and to train the young students who want to join and cater their life in security forces in order to serve the country.

It has been well established that to join or to serve any of the security forces a personnel requires lots of physical fitness such as endurance, strength, speed, agility, co-ordination, balance, reaction and flexibility as well as a variety of skills such as marching, weapon handling, sports skills and many more. Keeping all these aspects in mind, the department majorly focuses on training to make the students physically fit, so that they can clear all those competitive examinations, where to clear the physical fitness test is a criteria; focuses on skills such as weapon handling and marching, which will teach them the pivotal role of discipline and control over their body, soul and mind in their life and while serving in the security forces.

Our school also exclusively focuses on the development of sports skills for all those students who want to make their career in sports or want to play professionally and ultimately, wants to bring laurel for themselves, for the university, state and for the country.

• MPhil in Physical Education (1 Year)

• PhD in Physical Education

To do the research in the area of Internal Security in relation to the Physical Education.

To enhance the status of internal security personnels in the area of Physical Fitness, Nutritional status and Injury management.

One gym room comprising of multi-gym, free weights, and three treadmill are available.

Two table tennis table, two carom and four chess as well as one play ground is available comprising of two kabaddi courts, one kho-kho courts, two volleyball courts, one cricket pitch and one 200 mtrs athletic track is available.

  1. Shri. Mahendra Vasava – July 2016 to April 2018
  2. Namrata Acharaya – July 2016 to April 2018
  1. Ms. Laxmi Sri Pandrala – 10/10/17 on Nutrition
  1. Won five times Republic Day state parade competitions – Palanpur (2019), Mehsana (2018), Dwarka (2015), Bhavnagar (2014), and Himmatnagar (2013)
  2. Participated in the all india and West Zone inter-university competition in the sports like athletics, kabaddi, volleyball, taekwando, wushu, tabletennis, and kho-kho from 2016 till date.
  3. Participate and won many Medals in Khel Mahakombh and Khel Gujarat Competitions, State Level Competitions.