Mr. Parvesh Sharma

Teaching cum Research Associate

About Mr. Parvesh Sharma

Mr. Parvesh Sharma is working as a Teaching cum Research Associate at School of Forensic Sciences and Risk Management. He holds a B.Sc in Mathematics and M.Sc in Forensic Science. He has also been a research fellow in a project entitled “Genesis & Evolution of Forensic Science in India”, which has added to the knowledge body of the Forensic fraternity. He has been trained at GEQD, Shimla. He has various research papers in international and national journal. His thrust area of research is Questioned Document although he has a strength in the area of Forensic Auditing, Forensic Accounting, Fraud Investigation and Cyber Forensics. He has trained a varied range of professional from police officers to lawyers to security officials in the areas of Forensic Photography and Questioned Document Examination. His core strength lies in tackling challenges during Forensic Examination. He has been actively involved in case consultancy aiding in investigation of cases brought by many organisation including NIA, CBI, SIT etc. He has been guiding students for their dissertations and short-term projects. He has been pro-active as a co-ordinator of different courses offered to police force of different states. He has been a co-ordinator for a course on “Advancement in scene of crime investigation” sponsored by BPR&D.