Master in Forensic Psychology

  • The programme is aimed at providing qualified and skilled manpower to meet the requirement of Forensic Psychology field.
  • Programme is designed to provide the real time exposure to the students and professionals to tackle the issues and challenges in the area of Forensic Psychology.
  • Strengthening students to become experts, entrepreneurs, investigators, scientists, correctional administrators, Forensic Psychologist, Criminal Psychologist, Expert Witnesses, Consultants, Victims Counsellors and Therapist or Correctional Psychologist researchers and academicians of highest order.
  • Providing multidisciplinary training for professional competency and holistic development of the students.

These students will also eligible to join in M.Phil (2years) or Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology (PDCP) program which are recognized by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) which will be beneficial for them to become registered mental health professionals.

Semester wise courses and their objectives

Paper CodeCoursesLearning objectives
MFPSY-CC-101Foundations of Human BehaviorTo learn different factors related with the understanding of human behavior from different perspectives such as Psychological, Social and Biological.
MFPSY-CC-102Physiological PsychologyTo learn the structural, positional and functional basics & aspects of central nervous system.
MFPSY-CC-103Social PsychologyTo learn about the role of society in the development of an individual’s behavior. It also provides them depth in academic understanding of group relationship and conflicts.
MFPSY-CC-104Psychology of PersonalityTo learn the development of personality and the influencing factors in the environment. Depth understanding of various thoughts and its implications to understand human personality in detail.
MFPSY-AEC-111Values, Ethics & Human RightsTo learn the professional ethics and values which in turn make them best mental health professional and human being.
MFPSY-DSE-121Information TechnologyTo learn and practice information technology and its importance in the understanding of human behavior.
MFPSY-DSE-122Language & Communication SkillsTo enhance their skills and abilities of communication to improve interpersonal relationships. 
MFPSY-GE-131Social Media and Cyber CrimeTo learn the impact of social media platform on human behavior and on human nature. It also provides basic understanding of crimes related to virtual world. 
MFPSY-GE-132Personality Development & Soft SkillsTo enhance their understanding about self and others. They learn micro and macro skills to enhance their confidence and self -esteem while communicating with others.
Paper CodeCoursesObjectives
MFPSY-CC-201Research MethodologyTo learn basic skills of a researcher, identification of the problems and methodology of a research.
MFPSY-CC-202Clinical PsychologyTo learn various techniques of interviewing and taking case history and mental status examination. Proper understanding of the classifications and diagnosis of various mental disorders.
MFPSY-CC-203PsychopathologyTo learn the development of a mental disorder in an individual which in turn enhance their abilities of diagnosis and treatment.
MFPSY-CC-204Legal PsychologyTo learn the scope and importance of psychology in a legal system.
MFPSY-AEC-211Psychological AssessmentTo learn the application of various assessment tools and techniques to determine individual behavior.
MFPSY-DSE-221InternshipTo learn the application of psychological tools and techniques for In – depth understanding of human behavior. 
MFPSY-DSE-222Minor ProjectIn – Depth learning by practice on a particular topic related to the area of interest.
MFPSY-GE-231Health and Fitness To learn the importance of physical health and how it is related to the mental health?
MFPSY-GE-232Environment and its effect on human behaviourTo learn the natural environmental factors influencing human behavior & Why people have differences in their activities of daily living?
Paper CodeCoursesObjectives
MFPSY-CC-301Counseling PsychologyTo learn the basic counseling skills and its applications.
MFPSY -CC-302Forensic PsychologyTo learn the application of psychology in forensics. In – Depth understanding of various investigation techniques to determine deception.
MFPSY -CC-303Criminal PsychologyTo learn various theories related to criminal behavior. In – Depth understanding of the causes of crime and criminal behavior.
MFPSY-CC-304Statistics in Behavioral ScienceTo learn the application of statistics in behavioral science. 
MFPSY -AEC-311Disability and RehabilitationTo learn about the impairments, disabilities and an in – depth understanding of rehabilitation strategies.
MFPSY -DSE-321Role of Culture & Family in Mental IllnessTo learn the importance of family and culture in the development of psychopathology and its better prognosis.
MFPSY -DSE-322Ancient Indian Thoughts of Mental Illness To learn about the deep heritage of knowledge in ancient India and its present implication to understand human behavior.
MFPSY-GE-331Yoga and Mental Well BeingTo learn the theory and practice of yoga, its importance in the human health and well-being.
MFPSY -GE-332Human Resource ManagementTo learn about the differences between human nature and abilities. Create in –depth understanding of utilization of right people at right place.
Paper CodeCoursesObjective
MFPSY-CC-400VictimologyTo learn various theories related to victims and in – depth understanding of its impact of human psyche. How to handle and heal them?
MFPSY-CC-500Neuro-criminology-ITo learn a well-established therapeutic model to reduce recidivism.
MFPSY -CC-600Neuro-criminology-IIPractical experience of its application on hard core criminals.
MFPSY -CC-700DissertationResearch component to learn how to initiate, hypothesize, and carry out a research and a complete a project on the subject of interest.
MFPSY-AEC-800Police and Military PsychologyTo learn the application of psychology in military and policing.