Academic, Research and Professional Programs

RSU offers and plans to offer following under-graduate, post-graduate, research degree programs and professional diploma and certificate programs. Please visit individual school provided in the URL for the eligibility criteria, subjects and courses, modules, fee structure, examination method, and contact details of coordinator of the School. You can also use chatbot – Ask – RAKSHA or contact for any clarification or information. 

Diploma/Under-Graduate Programs

  1. Diploma in Police Science (DIPS)
  2. Bachelor of Arts In Security Management (Gujarati Medium)
  3. Bachelor of Arts In Security Management (English Medium)
  4. Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science & Engineering) (CSE) with specialization in Cyber Security)
  5. B.A. LLB (Hons.) in Criminal and Security Laws (planned, 2020-21 AY)
  6. B.Sc. LL.B.(Hons.) in Criminal and Security Laws (planned, 2020-21 AY)
  7. Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Defence and Strategic Studies(Honours/Regular Course) (planned, 2020-21 AY)

Post-Graduate Diploma Programs

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety and Security (PGDISS)
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Police Science (PGDIPS)
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security & Cyber Forensics(PGDICS & CF)
  4. Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Law & Intellectual Property Rights(PGDICL & IPR)
  5. Post Graduate Diploma in Police Communication & Technology (PGDIPC&T) (planned, 2020-21 AY)
  6. Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science and Machine Learning (planned, 2020-21 AY)
  7. Post Graduate Diploma in National Security and Military Affairs (planned, 2020-21 AY)

Post-Graduation Programs 

  1. Master of Science In Forensic Science
  2. Master of Arts In Criminology (M.A.(Crim.))
  3. Master of Arts In Police Administration (M.A. (PA))
  4. Master in Law in Crime & Security Laws (LL.M. (C&SL)
  5. Master of Technology In Cyber Seurity (M.Tech. (CS))
  6. Master of Science in Digital Forensics & Cyber Security (MSCDF&CS)
  7. MA/MSC in Forensic Psychology
  8. Masters in Forensic Accountancy & Financial Investigations (planned, 2020-21 AY)
  9. M.A Defence & Strategic studies (planned, 2020-21 AY)

Research Degree Programs – Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) and Doctorate (PhD)

  1. Master of Philosophy in Criminology
  2. Master of Philosophy in Police Administration
  3. Master of Philosophy in Forensic Science
  4. Master of Philosophy in Information & Technology / Cyber Security
  5. Master of Philosophy in Law
  6. Master of Philosophy in Physical Education
  7. PhD in Criminology
  8. PhD in Police Administration
  9. PhD in Forensic Science
  10. PhD in Information & Technology / Cyber Security / Computer Engineering
  11. PhD in Law
  12. PhD in Physical Education

Certificate Course/Program

  1. Certificate course in Photography (Three Months)
  2. Issues and challenges of Border Management (planned, 2020-21 AY)
  3. Counter Insurgency Studies (planned, 2020-21 AY)
  4. Musical Instruments (planned, 2020-21 AY)
  5. Fitness Management (planned, 2020-21 AY)
  6. Nutrition and Injury Management (planned, 2020-21 AY)
  7. Certificate Course in Counter-Terrorism (planned, 2020-21 AY)
  8. Certificate Course in Counter-Insurgency (planned, 2020-21 AY)
  9. Certificate Course in Unarmed Combat (planned, 2020-21 AY)
  10. Certificate Course in Statecraft, War and Strategy. (planned, 2020-21 AY)
  11. Certificate Course in Military Technology. (planned, 2020-21 AY)
  12. Certificate Course in Defence Acquisition. (planned, 2020-21 AY)
  13. Certificate Course in Military History and Media. (planned, 2020-21 AY)
  14. Certificate Course in Counter Insurgency and Counter Terrorism (planned, 2020-21 AY)
  15. Certificate Course in Military Legal Studies. (planned, 2020-21 AY)
  16. Certificate Course in Social Media Analysis, Privacy issues and Challanges (planned, 2020-21 AY)

In Service Personnel Course

  1. Computer Course on Police Applications
  2. Crime Scene Management
  3. Tourism Policing
  4. Coastal Security Policing
  5. Preventive & Investigative Photography
  6. Fire Safety & Disaster Management