Members of Internal Complaint Committee (ICC)

  1. Prof. (Dr) Priyanka Sharma , Chairperson, Professor(IT) & Dean (Research), RSU
  2. Shri Abhishek Awadh, Assistant Professor,Police Administration), RSU 
  3. Dr. Shweta Sharma, Assistant Professor (Forensic Science), RSU
  4. Dr. Dharmesh Prajapati, I/c Assistant Registrar (Administration), RSU
  5. Ms. Nehal Pandya, Computer Operator (Examination Section), RSU
  6. Mr. Manish Rai, Research Scholar, RSU
  7. Ms. Jinali Kothari, Student of M.Sc.(Digital Forensic) , RSU
  8. Mr. Rehan, Student of BASM, RSU       
  9. Ms. Shailaja V. Pillai, Advocate High Court and Member of NGO –  center for legal aid and rights