‘Extension and Public Activities’ aims towards making an intentional effort to fulfil the clientele needs of the community and stakeholders by developing an Emotional Quotient to serve the society. Unlike Social works, Extension aims towards ‘helping people to help themselves’ by creating awareness, changing their behavior, attitudes or practices and providing them skills to serve the society. We envision ‘Extension and Public Activities’ to act as a mediator between the subject experts and the community to make sure that the outreach is effective especially serving Internal and External Security of the Nation. Not just restricting to social causes, Extension and Public Activities also aims towards an enhancement in the RSU’s Global reach by providing a platform to students and faculty members to have an international exposure in the field of academia and national/ international security.


We are determined to achieve clientele change as an outcome of essential knowledge gained, skills acquired, changes in attitudes or beliefs, changes in behaviour, adoption of needful practices and technological changes and orientation of the community towards the overall growth. By organizing various events of educational and moral importance we are committed to provide an excellent medium and platform for the schools of the university to impart continuous educational guidance and inculcate moral values and ethics in the students. Our focus is to address issues identified by security specific clientele with committees, task forces or groups, and coalitions being involved in the strategic implementation, analysis and interpretation of the programs in the fields of Internal and External Security.

Our mission is to develop deep disciplinary knowledge, problem solving ability, leadership, communication and interpersonal skills that can lead the constituent groups and hence society as a whole towards strong and secure nation. To focus on enhancing the overall personality of the individuals and equip them to face future challenges and come up with strategic solutions for Global peace & Security.