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Students Visit: IIT – Gandhinagar

Students of B.Tech. – CSE (Specialization in Cyber Security) 6th semester visited IIT – Gandhinagar on 15th February 2019, for ACM India Annual Meet. ACM is the largest and oldest organization for the advancement of Computer Science. Many speakers around the world had been invited to the meet. Turing Award winner of 2018, Prof Yann LeCun was also invited as a speaker, he was one of the main inspiration for the students to visit IIT. His talk on the Future of AI was very motivating and informative. Apart from this, many speakers talked about various topics including Algorithmic theory, Mobile Phone for Health Care, Computer Science technology for visually impaired. All the talks were highly informative and interesting, which made people aware of the research going on in the field of Computer Science.

Dean of students’ affair IIT Gandhinagar invited students to visit their campus after the talks were over. The students of B.Tech visited the IIT campus and became familiar with various aspects of IIT Gandhinagar consisting of labs for medicines, robotics and well-structured library. Thereby, the visit made a great impression and marked a fruitful experience for the students.


Feb 19 2020


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