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Achievement of B.Tech. Students – ‘Lakshya’: Techfest of LDCE

LD College of Engineering organized annual fest – Lakshya on 13th, 14th and 15th February 2020. Various events were organized for the students. Students of B.Tech. , Raksha Shakti University took part in various events competing with students across other colleges and universities. Amongst them many of our students have attained glory.

It is an achievement that has been unlocked by our students in various events as follows:

Sr. No. Name Class Event Position Secured
1 Satish Gaud B.Tech. – Sem 4 Codeswap First
2 Yash Barot B.Tech. – Sem 4 Codeswap First
3 Rushuraj Purohit B.Tech. – Sem 4 Codeswap Second
4 Dushyant B.Tech. – Sem 4 Codeswap Second
5 Rahul Karad B.Tech. – Sem 4 Codeswars Second
6 Dhwanan Acharya B.Tech. – Sem 4 Insight Coding Second
7 Atri Joshi B.Tech. – Sem 4 IT Quiz Third


Other students from our University also took a chance to participate in many such technical and non-technical events.


Feb 19 2020


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