Dr. Kalpesh Solanki

Assistant Professor

About Dr. Kalpesh Solanki

Dr. Kalpesh Solanki holds a Ph.D. in the area of Forensic Molecular Biology from Gujarat University. He has completed his Masters’ Degree in Forensic Science with excellent academic score and was awarded with NET and Senior Research Fellowship (2012) from University Grant Commission. He completed his Bachelors’ with specialization in Microbiology. He has specialized in DNA technology from All India Institute of medical Sciences (AIIMS-Delhi) and is also specialized in various analytical instrumentation techniques from Advance Analytical Lab.

His expertise is on conventional and Next Generation Sequencing techniques, complex cell-based assays on  Flow Cytometry (FACS) technology to complete advanced cell sorting. In addition to hands-on in various Analytical Techniques like GC-MS, HPLC, EDXRF and FTIR-ATR.

Dr. Kalpesh Solanki has joined School of Forensic Science and Risk Management, Raksha Shakti University in 2018. He has conducted a 5-day workshop on Forensic Entrepreneurship in Raksha Shakti University as a convener. He has presented 9 papers in various conferences.

His prime research area is Forensic Genetics, Proteomics and Forensic Medicine. He has researched on degradation pattern of various human tissues (Cardiac Muscle, Hepatic Cells, Skin Epithelial) and correlated them with postmortem interval. He has also developed highly sensitive methods for DNA extraction from various forensic samples like putrefied blood, Toothbrush and touch DNA. He has guided more than 20 students in the field of Forensic biology, Forensic Toxicology, Forensic Nanotechnology.