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Raksha Shakti University
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•   Foreign Faculty Mr. James Hilborn (Canadian Criminologist) has delivered his video video lecture (SKYPE Lecture) to RSU students on "Introduction to NeuroCriminology ",4th March 2014.

   Foreign faculty Dr.Mahinda Balasuriya (Ambassador of Srilanka in UAE) started his lecture series through video lecture (SKYPE lecture) ) to RSU students from 7th February 2014. This series will continue on every second and forth Saturday between 11:00 to 12:00 AM. at RSU.

RSU has sponsored a Research Project on "Police In Gujarat: Continuity and Change" to Ramnarain Ruia College, Mumbai from 1st February 2014.

MOU signed between RSU and PDPU on 19th march 2014 for developing research and academic activities

MOU signed between RSU and Sardar Patel University Of Police security & Criminal Justice,jodhpur,Rajasthan on 15th january,2014 for Developing Research and Academic activities.

MOU signed between RSU and  DIPR on 13th december 2013 for Developing Research and Academic activities....

Government of Gujarat has decided to give additional marks for the students of RSU who have succesfully completed their course and want to join the Police force as Police Constable or Police Sub-Inspector.

દેશમાં કાયદો અને વ્યવસ્થાના સંરક્ષણ તેમજ ગુનાઓના સંશોધન તથા અટકાવ બાબતે પધ્ધતિસરના અભ્યાસ અને પ્રાયોગિક તાલીમ થકી નિષ્ણાંતોનું સર્જન કરવાના ઉદ્દેશ સાથે ગુજરાતના યુવાનોની કારકિર્દીને નવી દિશા આપવા માટે સરકારશ્રી દ્રારા “ધી રક્ષા શક્તિ યુનિવર્સિટી એક્ટ-૨૦૦૯ “ હેઠળ રાજ્યમાં રક્ષા શક્તિ યુનિવર્સિટીની સ્થાપના કરેલ છે.

ગુજરાત ઇન્ડસ્ટ્રીયલ સિકયુરીટી ફોર્સ સોસાયટી, અમદાવાદ જે રાજય સરકારશ્રી પ્રેરિત સોસાયટી છે અને જેનું રજીસ્ટ્રેશન સોસાયટી રજીસ્ટ્રેશન એકટ-૧૮૬૦ મુજબ તેમજ પ્રાઇવેટ સિકયુરીટી એજન્સીસ એકટ-૨૦૦૫ અન્વયે થયેલ છે. આ સંસ્થા રાજય સરકારશ્રીના ખાતા/ યુનિટો / કચેરીઓ / બોર્ડ-નિગમોમાં માંગણી મુજબની સલામતી સેવાઓ પુરી પાડે છે. તેમાં રક્ષા શકિત યુનિવર્સિટીમાંથી ’’ડીપ્લોમા ઇન પોલીસ સાયન્સ’’ અભ્યાસક્રમમાં સફળ થયેલ વિધાર્થીઓમાંથી પ૦ ટકા સિકયુરીટી ગાર્ડઝની જગ્યાઓ પ્રાથમિકતાના ધોરણે ભરવા સૈધ્ધાંતિક નિર્ણય લેવામાં આવેલ છે.
Language :
What is the objective of founding the University ?
Objective of founding the university are stated in section-5 of Raksha Shakti University Act,2009. main objective is to created discipline manpower by research and development in the aspect of internal security.
Is Raksha Shakti University Private or Government ?
Raksha Shakti University has been established by Government of Gujarat.
Which organization ascertains policies of the university ?
Board of Governance has been set up to frame the policies under RSU Act, 2009.Academic Council and Finance Committee have been established to assist the governing body.
What are the facilities for studies in this University?
The University has a decorated campus, air conditional class-rooms, modern library, computer laboratory, gymnasium and R.O. water plant.
What are the facilities available for Outdoor activities?
University has a ground nearby, It has its own music band, moreover gymnasium and swimming facility is obtained from Veer Savarkar Sports Complex managed by ahmedabad municipal corporation.
Which are the additional facilities available?
Practical knowledge is imparted with the help of wireless set, Metal detector, Crime investment kit, letter mail, bomb detector, under- vehicle search mirror etc.
Who are the faculty at the University?
RSU has Assistant professors in I.T, Criminology, Forensic Science, Police administration, Telecommunication, Law, Sports department.
Which courses are offered in Raksha Shakti University?
Diploma in Police Science (DIPS) course is running at RSU. Post Graduation Diploma in Police Science (PGDIPS).
What Educational qualification is required for admission in DIPS?
Admission criteria for DIPS course is passing of std.12th and for PGDIPS course it is graduation. Upper age limit is 21yrs. and 25yrs. respectively. Relaxation of 5yrs. for upper age limit has been allowed for SC/ST category candidates.
What is the physical fitness standard for the courses?
Medical test precedes the admission process admission is granted only to physically fit candidates. The test includes CNS, RS, CVS, GIT, skin, gynaec (for female candidates), blood and urine.
What are the opportunities in store after the courses?
There are bright prospects in police force, military services and private security jobs after completion of the course. This course is useful for self-development also.
Is the direct appointment in police department possible after the course ?
One has to go through the police recruitment procedure as usual but this course helps to empower the candidate for police recruitment test. There is an additional weightage of marks given to the candidates who have completed course at RSU depending on their merits achieved in the police recruitment process.
What is the duration of the DIPS course?
This is a 9 months course to be segmented into 3 semesters.
What is the course fee for DIPS?
Tuition fee costs Rs.20,000/- and Rs.5,000/- is to be paid as caution money deposit. The amount of deposit is refunded after completion of the course.
What is the course fee for PGDIPS?
The tuition fee is Rs.25,000/- and Rs.5,000/- is received as caution money, the same will be returned after the completion of the course.
Are there any reserved seats for SC,ST and other backward classes ?
Respectively 7%,15% and 27% seats are allotted for the same pursuant to the government regulations.
Is there any priority is the admission for NCC certification holders and athletes ?
(a) For the B-certificate holders in NCC, there will be a grace of extra 3 % and for C-certificate holders extra 5 %
(b) (A)The participants of state level sports competition in any group, 3% marks will be added and (B) for national level participants 5 % marks will be added.

Note :
(1) This benefit of games also includes the competitions organized by institutions/ Associations accredited by SGFI, AIUB or IOC.
(2) Certificates awarded by associations/ institutes accredited by SGFI/ AIUB/IOC only will be deemed as valid. Certificates awarded by invitation tournaments will not be considered.
What is the medium of Instructions in DIPS/ PGDIPS course?
Gujarati Language
What courses are available for In-service officers/staff ?
Computer course on police application(CCPA) for 2months has been introduced at present others courses will be commenced next year onwards.
Is there any hostel and meals facility for Raksha Shakti University Students ?
Hostel facility is not available for the time being afternoon lunch facility is available at the university campus on payment basis by the students.
What is the transport facility to attend the classes of the University ?
For the students staying at Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar university bus service is provided with nominal charges.
What is the procedure to hire the university band? How much is the charge?
Please refer the university band policy for this matter.
What is the University website address ?
What are the telephone contact numbers of the University ?
The control-room at the University has number-(079)-22684173, Fax Number-(079)-22683762 and Academic branch number is (079) 22684222